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Municipalities across Canada are profoundly feeling the impacts of several trends including the downloading of services and the global economic downturn. This has created an environment where collections of fines in a timely manner profoundly impacts municipal budgets.

Forrest Green specializes in support municipal organizations in the collection of delinquent fines. Solutions include skip tracing, credit scoring and return mail management.

Many Forrest Green associates have municipal employment experience.

Why Municipalities utilize Forrest Green consumer credit solutions:
  • Improve collections effectiveness ($)
  • Reduce third party collection costs
  • Streamline process and improve citizen service levels (e.g. on-line)

In provinces such as Ontario, approximately 60 municipalities have signed memorandums of understanding with the provincial government to run operations and court houses under the Provincial Offenses Act (POA).

The POA is a procedural law for administering and prosecuting Provincial Offences including those committed under:
  • the Highway Traffic Act,
  • the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act,
  • the Trespass to Property Act,
  • the Liquor Licence Act and other provincial legislation, and
  • municipal by-laws and minor federal offences.
The POA governs all aspects of the legal prosecution process, from serving an offence notice to an accused person to conducting trials including sentencing and appeals.

Charges can be laid by:
  • Police officers,
  • Provincial enforcement officers, and
  • Municipal by-law enforcement officers.
In most instances, a notice of violation is served by giving the accused a ticket (technically a "certificate of offence").

Forrest Green solutions assist municipalities that have signed MOU's with the province to administer POA.
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