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Fraud Response

Fast response to data breaches, security compromises and identity theft is critical in today's information-based world.

We help you react faster, reduce losses and proactively reduce the risk of fraud with a robust array of services.

Expertise on how to engage individuals / citizens at all stages of your relationship to fight fraud and strengthen their confidence in your organization.

Identity Verification

Know who is on the other side of your transaction.

Use an automated environment to access multiple data sources and verify current customer identities.

Help predict the likelihood of fraud with models and tools that flag high-risk phone numbers and addresses.

Authentication (On-line / Call Centre)

When you need an extra layer of security, we enable you to authenticate identities for multiple services using a single solution.

Give access to the right individuals (online or with an existing call centre).

Make objective decisions and help give access to the right individuals / citizens by using challenge questions and advanced logic.
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