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Improve your ability to make more informed decisions when evaluating consumer credit risk, compliance risk and competitive risk.

Fine-tune your risk management strategies

Make better, more profitable, decisions
Our Risk Management Services take an enterprise-wide approach to communicating, analyzing and distributing information across different platforms and portfolios. Through powerful risk models and decisioning systems, you'll have the ability to make objective risk choices. Ongoing monitoring will help you manage fluctuations in your business and identify changes that may affect your goals.

Simplify your processes
We simplify your ability to make sound credit decisions with powerful options such as historical performance, segmentation tools and statistical analysis. We can also integrate several databases at multiple touch points to make sure the right people have the best information based on your criteria.

Take advantage of these services to know your customers better and find credit changes that can affect your organization's performance.

Risk Analytics Determine more effective risk models and identify new business opportunities using powerful statistical techniques.
Risk Decision Systems Our platform can be integrated to access a wide array of data sources at multiple touch points in your customer lifecycle.
Risk Models Better identify different levels of risk tuned for regional differences in four key markets Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.
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